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Melanes - Engares - Apollonas

Gegend um Melanes
Kouros von Flerios

At small roads you will arrive the heart of Naxos: the plain of Melanes, grown with olive- and fruit-trees, populated with innumerable butterflies. Here lies the Kouros of Flerios, a marble statue of over 6 m. Because of artistic defects it was let lie 2500 years before. Since that time it rests between flowers near a source.

Kouros of Melanes


Across the pretty village of Engares the road leads to the north. You will pass small pretty sand beaches like Abrami,  the tower of Aegia, built in the 16th century, and many small churches.


Your goal in the north will be Apollonas, a small place at a bay, with a small beach and some taverns and cafés. In the proximity lies a antique marble quarry, where also a Kouros remained lying. This one is nearly 11 meters long.

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